Catering Menu

Butcher Bar is our humble attempt at bringing back long forgotten traditional
methods of farming & cooking focused on quality. We are purveyors of a unique
selection of artisanal meats & other fine goods.
We love to cook, smoked BBQ being a passion of ours, so we cook what we sell & sell what we cook.
Our beef, lamb, pork & poultry are sourced from local farms, hand-picked because of their commitment to producing natural, humanely-raised, high-quality & distinctive meat products.
At Butcher Bar our goal is to connect you to the source of your food:
small-scale, sustainable farms that feel just out of reach here in Queens. Our goal is to educate our customers to a growing movement of health conscious eating & sustainable farming practices.
We sell diverse products to satisfy the food needs, discerning tastes &
conscientiousness of our community here in Astoria.
Our Butcher Shop offers: locally sourced 100% grass-fed & grass-fed/organic grain finished beef, organic chicken, heritage breed pigs & more traditional meat products always feed lot free & raised without hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products.
Be mindful of where your food comes from & how it was produced.

Call us or use our contact page for more options.

Our menu includes over 200 items and many multicultural selections.

Our Smoked Goodness

12 Hour Smoked Natural Beef Brisket

Double Smoked Burnt Ends

12 Hour Smoked Pulled Pork

Dry Rubbed and Smoked St. Louis Ribs

BBQ Pulled Chicken

Pasture Raised Turkey Breast

Hot or Sweet Italian Pork Sausage

Filipino Pork Sausage

Beef Kabobs

Pork Kabobs

Veggie Skewers

Greek Salad Skewers

Greek Loukaniko Sausage

Butcher’s Meatballs

Smoked and Fried Chicken Wings

Smoked and Grilled Pork Belly

Salad Trays

Farmer’s Market Salad

Butcher’s Salad

Mesclun Mixed Green Salad

Austin Salad

Caesar Salad

Greek Salad

Potato Salad

Antipasti Salad

Smokehouse Sides

Mama’s Sweet Potato Wedges

Creamy Mac n’ Cheese

Bacon & Onion Sauteed String Beans

Apple Wood Smoked Bacon Baked Beans

House Slaw

Corncakes with Honey Butter

Fresh Corn on the Cob

Mixed Seasonal Vegetables


Country Mashed Potatoes

Whole Animal Roasts

We love to do whole animal roasts for parties and private events.

All prices are by the pound.

Berkshire or Duroc Pigs


Oven Crisp Roasted up to 25 LBS

Rotisserie Spit Roasted up to 25 LBS

Your House Rotisserie Pig Roasts up to 25 LBS (15 Mile Radius)

Pasture Raised Spring Lambs


Oven Crisp Roasted up to 25 LBS

Rotisserie Spit Roasted up to 25 LBS

Your House Lamb Roasts up to 25 LBS (15 Mile Radius)