Our Story

Butcher Barthe meats

started as an old school Butcher Shop with modern day ideals and evolved into the current BBQ Smoke House restaurant located in Astoria, Queens.

Our belief in old traditional methods and the exclusive use of high quality, pasture raised, no hormone or any antibiotic treated meat guarantees quality and taste.

If you haven’t tried us, come on down and sample some of the finest SMOKED BBQ in NYC and take home some GOOD MEAT!

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At Butcher Bar our mission is to connect our customers to the source of their food – small scale, sustainable local farms that are committed to producing natural, humanely raised, high quality and distinctive meat products.

Our goal is to educate our customers to a growing movement of health conscious eating and sustainable farming practices.

We Offer: Locally sourced 100% grass-fed and grass-fed/organic grain finished beef, organic chicken, heritage breed pigs and more traditional meat products- always feed-lot free and raised without hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products.

We are purveyors of a unique selection of artisanal meats and other fine organic goods.

Smokehouse:smoke house

In Late October of 2014, we opened the “Smoke House.” After 3 years of offering our BBQ out of our Butcher Shop, we took the advice of our fans and patrons and decided to expand!

Located right next door to the original store, we custom designed the space with a full bar featuring Bourbon, Whiskey and Moonshine as well as select Craft Beers.

The bar and all the tables were built using reclaimed red and white cedar wood from a dismantled water tower in Green Point Brooklyn. The rest of the store was built using the motto, “Reclaim, Reuse, Restore.” We purchased most of the building materials from our friends at “Build It Green,” located right in Astoria.