kathy castro operations butcher barKathy Castro - Operations

After several years as a teacher in Astoria, Kathy became aware of how many of her young students were obese, and believed this was due to their poor eating habits and lack of nutritional education. Their health was being affected directly by their food intake.

After reading the book “Food Inc.,” she answered the call to arms. This was the starting point for a journey that has culminated into Butcher Bar.

She and her partners wanted to know where their food was coming from. How it was farmed and grown. The idea of an animal’s rights became important. No not Orwell’s “Animal farm,” but a respect for animals that give their lives to feed us. Pasture raised and fed what nature intended them to eat. They wanted to know what exactly goes into our food. How it was produced and how it’s cooked.

Along with her own education she wanted to share it with her community in Astoria and offer options unavailable to the residents there. She continues to learn every day and shares that love of knowledge with all of those that patronize the butcher shop/smokehouse.